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Dr. Vinod Verma.

 Academic Qualifications :

Bachelor of Dental Surgery(B.D.S)    : 1968 Bombay University

Masters of Dental Surgery(M.D.S)     : 1971 Bombay University 

Diplomate of the Indian Board of       : 1999 Indian Orthodontic Society 

Orthodontic Society                           (1st Batch)

       Appointments Held :

  • Clinical Tutor at Govt. Dental College, Bombay for the year 1968-69.
  • Chairman , Dept. of Dentistry, Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi to date

  • Director -, Indian Board of Orthodontics 2008 – 2013.

  • Chairman – Indian Board of Orthodontics 2012 - 2013

  • Visiting Professor – in Clinical Orthodontics - S.D.M. College of Dental Sciences, Dharwad since 1991.

  • Post Graduate Guide and teacher in Orthodontics at S.D.M. College of Dental Sciences, Dharwad.

  • Examiner for MDS examination at Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal.

     Development of New Treatment Procedure :

Presented the first series of patients treated with “”Rapid Maxillary Expansion”” in India at the annual meeting of the Indian Orthodontic Society meeting at Mumbai in 1975 in collaboration with Dr. Asha Verma.

In collaboration with Dr. Asha Verma presented the first series of cases treated with 2nd premolar extraction in India at Srinagar Kashmir. 

Pioneered and Developed “Lingual Orthodontics” in India in collaboration with Dr. Asha Verma – using the Begg appliance & the preadjusted appliance.

Promoted and taught The Tip-Edge appliance and its usage.

      Honours and Awards :

1. Awarded 2nd Best Clinical Paper at the 20th Indian Orthodontic Conference.

2. Awarded 2nd Best Clinical Paper at the 21st Indian Orthodontic Conference.

3. Awarded Fellowship of International College of Dentists ( F.I.C.D.).

4. Awarded Membership to the Pierre Fauchard Academy.

5. Awarded Fellowship to the Academy of Dentistry International (F.A.D.I).

6. Awarded Fellowship of the Indian Board of Orthodontics ( F.I.B.O) on its being founded in 1999 for contributions to Orthodontics in India

7. Awarded the T.C.White visiting Scholarship by the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Glasgow in 2003.

     Membership of Professional Societies :
  • Life - Member and Past President Indian Orthodontic Society.

  • Life - Member Indian Dental Association.

  • International member American Association of Orthodontists.

  • Fellow World Federation of Orthodontics.

  • Fellow of International College of Dentists.

  • Fellow Pierre Fauchard Academy.

  • Fellow Academy of Dentistry International.

     Courses Conducted & attended :
  • Conducted a course on The Lingual Appliance at G.D.C. & Hospital , Bombay in 1989.

  • Begg Technique and its refinements.

  • “Guidance of Eruption” at Faridabad for the I.D.A. State branch.

  • Faculty member of “An update on the Refinements in the Begg Technique” held in Dharwad under the auspices of the Indian Orthodontic Society in June’93.

  • Conducted courses on the "Pre Adjusted Appliance" at the S.D.M.College of Dental Sciences,Dharwad.

  • Faculty member of “Refinements in Begg Technique” held at Hyderabad in April’95 for Post Graduate students.

  • Faculty member of “First Orthodontic Post Graduate Students Convention” held at Mangalore in March’96.

  • Chief Course Instructor “Tip-Edge Hands-on Workshop” held in Delhi under the auspices of the Indian Orthodontic Society in Dec’97.

  • Faculty member of Post Graduate Students Convention of the I.O.S held at S.D.M College of Dental Sciences, Dharwad in April’98.

  • Invited guest Faculty for a course on “Refinement in Begg Technique” held at Ambala under the auspices of the Indian Orthodontic Society in Sept’98.

  • Faculty member of Third Orthodontic Post Graduate students convention held at Davengere Feb 1999—choice of different P.E.A (Tip-Edge & Edgewise ) appliances for different malocclusions. “ Different Horses for different Courses".

  • Attended Course on ‘Complete Management of Cleft Lip & Palate’ held at Dharwad.

  • Participated in Typodont Workshop on Straight Arch Technique - Roth .022”.

  • Participated in Course on “Vari-Simplex Tech” Bombay.

  • Participated in Course on “MBT in the treatment of Skeleton Problems” Hong Kong.

  • Participated in Course on “Serial Extractions” in Orthodontics at Lexington Kentucky.

  • Attended a course on “The Management of Cranio-facial Defects” – an Orthognathic approach – at Dharwad.

  • Participated in a hands on course on M.B.T. prescription at Tokyo,Japan.

  • Invited to participate in the Hands- on course & Live Surgery in The 2nd Asian Micro – Implant Anchorage Congress,Daegu, Korea.

  • Participated in Hands on Course – Esthetics In Orthodontics “ by Dr.Bjorn U.Zachrisson.

  • Delivered The annual Key Note address at the Dr.Shaikh Memorial Trust conference - 2010.

  • Delivered The Vasavi Memorial Lecture at the 33rd Indian Orthodontic Conference.

     Papers Published / Read :
  • Three Dimensional Cephalometric Appraisal of Cranio- Facial widths in Indians - Dissertation submitted to Bombay University for M.D.S. Degree

  • Significance of Facial Widths in Orthodontic Diagnosis.

  • Orthodontic Treatment of Impacted Canines.

  • Palatal Suture Splitting an adjunct to Fixed Appliance Orthodontics.

  • Orthodontic Treatment with 2nd Bicuspid Extractions - 2nd Best Clinical paper 20th I.O.C.

  • “Lets Think Lingual”.

  • Lingual Orthodontics - Update 2nd Best Clinical Paper 21st I.O.C.

  • Treatment of Impacted teeth.

  • Direct Bonding in Orthodontics.

  • Orthopaedic Expansions.

  • Delivered Key Note Address at the Golden Jubilee celebration of Orthodontic Education at Nair Dental College & Hospital, Bombay 1987 on Lingual Orthodontics and Adult Treatment in Orthodontics.

  • Lingual Begg Appliance - When & How - in the special issue of the Indian Orthodontic Journal on “ Begg Today” in vol. 20 No. 4, Oct’89.

  • Delivered Keynote address on “Tip Edge” at I.O.C. held in Hyderabad – 1991.

  • Delivered Keynote address on “2 x4 Mechanics” at I.O.C. held in Kodaikanal.

  • Guest speaker at first Orthodontic Post Graduate Students convention held at Mangalore convened by I.O.S - “Tip-edge an appliance of the 21st century” – March’96.

  • Keynote Address “ Tip-edge – The Next Step Forward” at the 31st I.O.C and 1st World Congress held at Delhi – Feb 1997.

  • Delivered Keynote address on “Orthodontic Panorama” at the Pierre Fauchard Academy held in Chandigarh – 1998

  • Delivered the Vasavi Memorial Lecture on “Lingual Orthodontics – Revisited” at the 33rd I.O.C held at Manipal – Oct 1998.

  • "Orthodontics - When & How "at the Interstate Dental Conference held at Delhi -2000.

  • "Scope of Orthodontics from Mixed Dentition to Adulthood " at Sir GangaRam Hospital, Delhi - 2000.

  • Panelist at a symposium on “The Management of Cleft Palate Patients” at Sir Gangaram Hospital, N. Delhi.

  • Participated at symposium on “The Management of Cleft Palate Patients” at the 35th Indian Orthodontic Conference & the 2nd International Conference at Jaipur in Nov 2000.

  • The Utility Arch.

  • Different Horses for Different Courses. – 3rd P.G. Student Convention.

  • Treatment with the M.B.T. Appliance.

  • Adult Orthodontics.

  • Lateral Thinking & Orthodontics at OSGOD Delhi.

  • Guest Lecturer at the 39th Indian Orthodontic Conference.Presented a paper“ Commandments of Lingual Orthodontics".

  • Invited faculty to the “9th Post graduate Convention of the Indian Orthodontic Society.

  • Invited faculty to the 11th & 12 Post graduiate Convention of the Indian Orthodontic Society.

  • “ Flying Molars & How to Control them “ INVITED Speaker at the 40th IOC Chandigarh.

  • “To Extract or not To Extract “Keynote Speaker at Chennai at the conference of the Indian Orthodontic Society.

  • “Flavor of the Season - Lingual Orthodontics “, keynote speaker at the 13th PG Convention of the Indian Orthodontic Conference.

  • Invited Speaker at the 43rd Indian Orthodontic Conference, Mumbai,on “New Vistas In Orthodontics.”

  • Invited speaker “ Alveolar Bone Grafting and Orthodntics ” at the annual meeting of the Society for Cranio-facial defects and Cleft –palates at Chandigarh.

  • Delivered “ The Dr.Shaikh Memorial Lecture - a tribute to our teacher" in Sept.2010 at Mumbai.

  • Delivered a guest lecture at 45th IOC Mangalore - “ The Quest for Excellence".

  • Key Note address at the Orthodontic Study Group of Delhi meeting- Acheiving Örthodontic Excellence– 2011 Delhi.

  • Why be Board Certified? – 2011 Delhi.

  • Board certification a Quest at Self-enhancement –2012 to the Andhra Pradesh Orthodontic Study Group.

  • What Differentiates the Men from the Boys ?---Keynote address at the 8th Asian Pacific Orthodontic Conference and the 47th Indian Orthodontic Conference –Nov. 2012.

  • Macro and micro aesthetics in the management of Orthodontic patients—Meerut Orthodontic Study Group 2013.

  • Requirments for Certification to the Indian Board of Orthodontics---Ahemdabad study group 2013.

  • Anchorage considerations and the mechanics involved for the lingual appliance—Post-graduate students convention at Meerut 2014.

  • Sucsses in Orthodontics by Rote or Reason –Keynote Address at Jabalpur at the meeting on the concepts for the future in October 2014.

    Posts Held & Extra Curricular Activities :
  • Vice President I.O.S. for year 1987 - 88.

  • President Elect I.O.S. for year 1988 - 89.

  • President I.O.S. for year 1989 - 91.

  • Organizing Secretary of the 15th Indian Orthodontic Conference held at Delhi.

  • Chairman Scientific Committee for the 2 Indian Orthodontic Conference.

  • Chairman Scientific Committee for the 14th I.O.C. at Delhi.

  • Chairman Scientific Committee for the 23rd I.O.C.

  • Member Executive Committee I.O.S.

  • Member Dental College Hockey Team for four years.

  • Captain of the Dental College Hockey Team for 1 year.

  • Represented the Dental College in Tennis for two years.

  • Play Golf regularly to a handicap of 14.


In Exclusive Orthodontic Practice since 1971 with special interest in skeletal problems and their management.

  • Visiting Clinical Professor and Instructor in the treatment of malocclusion using the Pre adjusted appliances - Tip -- Edge & Edgewise appliances - for Post Graduates at the S.D.M.College of Dental Sciences.Dharwad.

  • Invited to Lecture on " Biomechanics in Orthodontics” at the Bapuji Dental College, Dhavangere.

  • Post Graduate teacher and Guide at the Rajiv Gandhi University of Medical Sciences, Bangalore.

  • Post Graduate Examiner for the M.D.S. Examination held by Manipal Academy for Higher Education (MAHE ),Manipal.

  • Helped to set up a Cleft Palate Unit at the Sir GangaRam Hospital,Delhi.

  • Post Graduate teacher and Guide at the Karnataka University Dharwad.

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